Zend PHP 5.5 Certification Exam


From October 2013, Zend launched at Zencon the new certification based on PHP 5.5.

For those who took the PHP 5.3 certification, the changes are not so big. From my experience I had around a dozen of questions related with PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5.

In this post I will present you  the new changes added in this certification exam.

The exam still have 10 topics:

  1. PHP Basics*
  2. Functions*
  3. Arrays*
  4. Object Oriented Programming**
  5. Strings & Patterns
  6. Web Features*
  7. I/O**
  8. Data Format & Types*
  9. Databases
  10. Security**
The * represent the importance and rate of changes.

Removed legacy features:

  • Safe Mode
  • Magic Quotes
  • register_globals
  • allow_call_time_pass_reference
  • break/continue $x
  • PHP logo

New features in PHP 5.4

  • Traits
  • New Syntax
    • Arrays
    • Binary numbers: $b = 0b010101
    • Classes: (new A)->b()
    • callable type hint

New Features in PHP 5.5

  • Generators
  • Try/catch/finally
  • class keyword
  • Password Hashing API
Traits are one of the most important thing added, because it can generate a number of tricky questions. So be careful!

Things to look at:

The new study guide is not free anymore, but you can buy it from here: http://shop.zend.com/en/zend-certification/zend-php-certification-guide-pdf.html

In future posts I will add other details related with the new certification topics.

Good luck!